Project Blues


1958 Cadillac

A Restoration Project with Purpose

This beautiful piece of steal was found being dragged out of a storage warehouse with a forklift behind Jontaar Creative Studios in Columbus, Ohio. Wheels locked up, dusty, chrome pitted and needing love, but overall, still in great shape for a complete restoration. Mark Suplicki, owner of Jontaar and business partner, VP of Project Blues, immediately called Mike, founder and President of Project Blues, one late summer morning in 2011 to come and get it. It's is such a great find, we couldn't let this one slip by or be sold for parts.

Mike instantly replied, "We have to get this.. this will be the perfect "Blues Car" to pick up artists from the airport for our shows." Mike immediately got the wheels rolling. Within one week, the car was in, and still is, in full restoration mode. She will be ready for debut early summer 2012.

The car will be used for the artists, promotion and charitable events. This car will be the flagship of We're very excited to see her on the road soon.

Project Blues Cadillac

The unveiling for this special car is early summer 2013. Come back soon..this is going to be a nice work in progress... and what better way to pick up our blues artists from the airport when getting to the show.


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