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The Fano PX6

An Exclusive, One of a Kind, Fano Guitar

Fano PX6

Photo: Created Just for Project Blues and Built by Dennis Fano. The photo above is the Exclusive PX6 as it was being built in 2011. This was sold during our our first annual Blues Bash 2011 Auction.

Fano Guitars

Dennis Fano, one of the absolute premier custom guitar builders on the planet, made a one-of-a-kind custom/hand made Project Blues PX6 guitar for auction at our show on September 11, 2011. Here is a progress pic Dennis just sent us. It captures the light-blue and pink from our "Blue Bash" logo and the PB logo is inlaid into the pick guard. Come to our 2012 show and you'll see it and even hear it. Our host and resident artist, friend, blue artist Jonn Richardson always seems to get a hold of it, and once that happens... you're jaw will drop! And yes, those are Jonn's fingers playing it in the upper photo.


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